My 2016 Reading and Blogging Challenges

Yesterday, I made a post resolving on a lot of things related to reading and blogging. I imagine that it will be a lot of hard work and I'll need a lot of support and prodding from the reading community so I decided to join some challenges.  Here they are:

    Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge Probably the reading challenge with the most number of participants. Maybe it's popular 'coz it's so easy to join. As long as you have a Goodreads account, just set a number of how many books you want to read for the whole year and you're done! Also, you can re-set the number of your reading goal anytime. You know, so when it's already in the middle of the year and you feel that you set the bar too high for yourself, just tinker down that number and you're right back on track. For 2016, I doubled up my goal from twenty in 2015 to forty books this year. Let's see if I get to the end of 2016 without tinkering down that number. How about you? Have you set your Goodreads reading goal yet? If not, I think you should do. And while you're at it, you should also add me as your Goodreads friend. Here's a link to my account.

    2016 Book Blog Discussion Challenge hosted by Nicole of Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon of It Starts at Midnight! I know that this space has been lackluster in 2015 compared to other book blogs. This year I resolve to spice things up with discussion posts that will show my personality as a reader and a book blogger. Big thanks to Joey of thoughts and afterthoughts for referring me to this challenge in his comment to my New Year's Resolution post. Basically, you just start or post a book discussion in your blog or in Goodreads and link it to the monthly linky provided by the hosts. At the end of the year, the number of discussion posts contributed will be tallied and ranked into levels. For my first year in doing this challenge, I will aim for the Discussion Dabbler level which means I should have 1 to 12 discussion posts for the whole year. Learn more about this challenge here and sign up with me.

    Comment 365 Challenge hosted by Nori of ReadWriteLove28. One of the things I resolve to do this year is to organize my blog hopping and commenting ways because I love commenting and connecting with the bookish community. Lucky for me and for other blog hoppers as well because this year, Nori of the #RQWN Twitter fame is hosting this challenge where you have to visit and comment on 365 blogs the whole year. Totally doable, right?! Yes, it is because Nori has already compiled the ultimate master list for 2016 blog hopping and all we have to do is visit and comment. Thank you, Nori!

    #RockMyTBR Reading Challenge  hosted by Sarah of The YA Book Traveler Sometimes us readers are such harsh, fickle-minded people who abandon already owned books for newer hyped-up titles. This challenge is dedicated to those poor book babies forgotten and pushed at the back of our shelves (and tablets). Mechanics: just read at least one book per month from the published books already owned, post monthly social media updates of progress with the challenge hashtag and interact with fellow readers. Open to all readers, learn more here!

So there, all the reading and blogging challenges for me in 2016. What about you? Which challenges are you joining in this year? How do you feel about those reading or blogging goals that you set for yourself? Do you think you will totally achieve them? Honestly, I am a little anxious about all these goal setting and challenge participating because I don't deal with stress all too well. But this year, I want to overcome that, too. Huzzah, I got this!

Will I slam a trophy or just a participation award for my 2016 challenges?
Photo credit: Disney Pixar/Inside Out

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