2016 Book Blogging Resolutions

Yay, it's the first day of 2016, Happy New Year! Secretly, I wish 2015 did not come by so swiftly because of this eternal nagging feeling that I haven't read enough in the past year. So moving on, I thought that I need to improve on a lot of things and I need to write them so I can remember to do them. Stick with me for a while, here goes my book blogging resolutions for 2016, in no particular order:

    Read more books. For 2015, I set myself to read twenty books and I am happy to report that I achieved this goal. Twenty books is a small number compared to other readers that I see in Goodreads so I want to up my game and double it to forty books. Still a measly number but, yeah, I also have to remind myself not to compare my reading pace to others.
    Do discussion posts. My 2015 posts consist only of the usual reviews, tours, memes, and such. I need to have my personality shine more in the blog and I think doing discussion posts will achieve this. Also, I want to add something thought-provoking on the bookish community table. I already have some ideas in the bag, I hope I can pull them out soon.
    Be organized. I will definitely have to struggle with this. I don't schedule my posts. I just do them on a whim. So I need to fix this and make a schedule of my posts. I also need to have a process on blog hopping, like how many blog visits per week and which blogs will I visit. I think I will go TEN blog visiting and commenting per week. Is that enough or too much? I don't know, maybe. I will just to figure this out along the way. Okay, so I've seen some readers making spreadsheets of the blog visits that they will do this year. Props to these dedicated people. I think I might ask some help from them to get me through this.
    Expand my reading horizon. I tend to read YA more but I do not want to limit myself to it. I want to check out new adult, adult and even middle-grade titles, too. If I can push myself more, I'd love to read and review some classic books that I was avoiding before.

That's all for now, fellow book nerds. How about you? Do you have anything you want to improve on for 2016? Hit me in the comments.

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