My 2019 Discussion Challenge Sign-Up Post

Hello book wanderers! As I've said in my opening post for 2019, I am once again joining the Discussion Challenge. Last year, I aimed for the Discussion Dabbler level, requiring 1-10 discussion posts. I was able to do five, so I am gobsmacked right there in the middle of goal reached and achieved. Also for the first time ever, I got featured as the blogger of the month last October 2018, so wow, it's a weird happy feeling to get my posts spotlighted on the monthly linky post.

ICYMI, I'm listing below the discussion posts I've done in 2018:

And in case you are not aware, 2019 Discussion Challenge is hosted by Nicole of Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon of It Starts at Midnight! They created this challenge to encourage fellow book bloggers to not only read more, but talk more too!

The rules are simple. Just create a sign-up post like this one, announcing your intention to join with link back to both the hosts, Nicole and Shannon. Link the participant's sign-up post HERE. Then at the beginning of every month, a new post will go up on both our awsum hosts' blogs where the challengers can put the links of their discussion posts for the month. And did I mention that there will also be monthly giveaways? Yes there is, so you should totally join with me. In case you wanna check, the Twitter hashtag for sharing and connecting with other participants is #LetsDiscuss2019.

Here are the discussion challenge levels that each participant can set to achieve:

1-10 – Discussion Dabbler
11-20 – Creative Conversationalist
21-30 – Chatty Kathy
31-40 – Terrifically Talkative
41+ – Gift of the Gab

I don't know, I am feeling like I can do better this year so I am getting myself one level up to become a "Creative Conversationalist". Let's see.
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I'd love to hear from you!
Are you also joining the 2019 Discussion Challenge? What discussion challenge level are you aiming for?
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