Wandering Thoughts: Bookworm Superpowers That I Don't Have

Wandering Thoughts
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Are you aware that there are highly evolved people with heightened reading abilities walking amongst us? I am here to expose them and gripe about how come I have none whatsover of these bookworm superpowers.
  1. Reading hundreds of books a year

    “JUST HOW?!”, I scream at the universe while looking at the Goodreads profile of bookworms who read hundreds of books year after year. In my effort to up my reading game last year, I did desperate things like google “speed reading” or “how to read fast”  but to no avail. Still a slow reader. I therefore came up with this conclusion: people who can read hundred of books a year have eyeballs of steel. They don’t sleep. And  I CANNOT DO THAT. I NEED MY NAPS, okay?

  2. Doing a ton of other things while reading
    Google is not useless when I asked it how to get more reading done. It actually suggested sensible things like a.) bring a book or two wherever you go and grab every opportune time for reading b.) listen to audiobooks. But I can’t do things like stand in a line and read at the same time.* Or do house chores while listening to an audiobook.** That’s like asking me to do kung fu.

    *Why I can’t do (a). I can’t read that much while out in the public. First, I am a perennial people watcher. Second, I am easily distracted so I love reading when I’m alone. Preferably in my own bed where in the next pages or so, I’ll end up napping. #napislife
    **Why I can’t do (b). Again, because I lack focus. I find myself drifting away when there are no physical words in front of me.

  3. Picking a book that I would surely like
    I encounter book bloggers who said something like the reason their review ratings on the blog are mostly four or five stars is because they know exactly what they want. That they don’t start a book unless they know for sure that they will end up liking it. And I’m like wow, that’s some serious divination powers right there.

    I also want to read books that I will end up liking. I avoid horrible books like the plague! I mean, who would want to torture themselves trudging through pages of trash?! Aside from reading the synopsis carefully, I even read excerpts before requesting on Netgalley. Or peek at the Goodreads average rating before buying my own copy. Alas, I am no Seer and fate is cruel that sometimes a book that I thought I would love would have a meh plot or an underwhelming ending or some other unforeseen horribleness.

  4. Do well in book blogging
    Three years of doing it and I still don’t know how to do it. How to book blog, peoples? How do you write reviews so fast, come up with interesting posts, have huge following, stellar stats and still have a generally fab life? Tell me, are y’all secret ninjas or someting?! SHOW ME THE WAY, SENSEI!
If I’m going to be honest here, I am envious of these people and their bookworm superpowers. But I’m not overly resentful about it. I will not go the extremes of hunting and picking their brains and extracting their DNAs, villain style, just  so I can acquire powers and be like them. I think I am okay with being a mere mortal in a world where mutant bookworms exist. I have nothing but repect and admiration for these people. It sure is hard for me to keep up with the likes of them but being a bookworm is not a competition. I tip my hat to them but I will NOT stop with my passion for books and reading and blogging about it. Rurouni Jenni Reads, HWAITING!!!
I'd love to hear from you!
So, what is your reading superpower? Or are you a struggling bookworm mortal like me?

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