Wandering Thoughts: Why I Don’t Bookstagram, But Now I Think I Should

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Wandering Thoughts is where I let my mind stray, think and talk about non-routine things. This is an avenue for bookish personal stories, fun posts, musings and discussions.

Why I don’t Bookstagram:
  • I don’t even have a personal Instagram account.
  • I mentioned in the blog before that I cannot for the life of me take decent book photos because of my lacking photography skills.
  • I am a slow reader and the time that I would put in arranging pretty flatlays or whatnots would rather much be spent on reading.
  • Being a small, international (read: non-U.S. based) book blogger, I do not receive physical copies of books for review. The ARCs I read are mostly in electronic format.

But Now I Think I Should:
  • It’s one way to promote books that I really love.
  • There are so many perks of being in it, like boosting the presence of my blog and such.
  • Even though, I don’t have physical ARCs, I can still post pictures of books that I already own.
  • It’s such a booming trend right now that sign up forms from publishers and blog tours always ask for bookstagram account handle and number of followers.
  • So I can join Instagram-hosted book giveaways.

To bookstagram or not to bookstagram. That is the question that’s been gnawing through my thoughts. I have been weighing on it for quite some time now. I’ve actually been reading and watching tutorials on how bookstagrammers do their stuff . And like blogging, it takes time, dedication and hardwork! So I don’t know, I am still pretty much in a limbo space. This post is basically just me putting up my dillydallying in the blogosphere and hoping some book people can give useful inputs to help me finally decide.

I am linking up this post in both the Book Blogger Hop and Discussion Challenge.

The Book Blogger Hop question for this week (June 29th - July 5th), which is submitted by  Elizabeth @ Silver's Reviews, is “Do you have an Instagram account? If so, do you only follow book folks?

My answer: None (yet). But if I have one, it would strictly be about books and would only follow book folks.

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Please, help me decide. Or at least give your invaluable personal experiences and insights. Should the boom of bookstagram influence me in finally starting up an account, even though I am a useless, shriveled up bookish potato with zero creative juice to spare? Should I snatch some precious time reading to snap, edit, filter and post pretty book photos? If you are already in bookstagram, is it all worth it for you?

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