Wandering Thoughts: One Simple Smooth Style of Book Pimping

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Wandering Thoughts is where I let my mind stray, think and talk about non-routine things. This is an avenue for bookish personal stories musings and discussions. This post is linked up to Book Blog Discussion.

Look, I love listicles. Our thoughts are naturally and miserably messy (or is this just me?) but listicles are a neat way of expressing them. It’s quite an art form, really. Sadly, I have poor listing powers. One of the main reasons why I do not participate in Top Ten Tuesdays is because I CANNOT, for the life of me, reach making lists up to ten. But hey, I’ve already made this list once in the blog and got up to three items and I want to believe that it’s the start of my rise to list-making supremacy. (You just wait, world!)
While I do not make excellent lists (yet), I love browsing through them. Especially lists about books. Aside from the book blogs that I look up to, some of the sites I frequent when I itch for bookish listicle porn are Buzzfeed Books, Bustle Books and Book Riot. This listicle viewing addiction gradually led to my recent discovery of a simple smooth style of book pimping. I am sharing this personal technique because it is for a cause: propagating the love for books is one of our sworn duties, fellow book wandering minions!

It all started with this listicle about YA novels about grief and mourning in Book Riot. The article was one of the many others that were regularly sent to my inbox due to my massive habit of insta-clicking “subcribe” to all the bookish newsletters even though I can’t read them all, TBH. But this particular one caught my attention because I recently read and reviewed “Tell Me Three Things” by Julie Buxbaum and I was kinda expecting that it will be in the list since one of its major themes is about the main character’s loss of a parent. It’s not included though and I can’t shake the uneasiness that I haven't done anything to express my love for a really excellent book. So I left a comment of the title and author with a brief detail on why it should be in the list. 

Days after, I stumble upon another listicle that I think I might be able to contribute in again: it’s about #ownvoices YA reads on the Asian immigrant experience. This time, I kind of know beforehand that “All My Lonely Islands” by V.J. Campilan will not be in the list because it is quite under the radar and being recently released only by a local publisher. I was right, it was not there so again, in the name of love, I left a comment mentioning the book. I felt I did great too, since the writer of the article was actually asking for recs of other books on the immigrant experience.

So there you go, an easy peasy touch and go way to spread your love for a favorite book: leaving it in the comments section (of an appropriate article, of course). And it’s so conveniently cool for a book person like me who is deficient in creating listicles but equally rabid on my need to shove down my favorites on other book people. So while I await being a listicle empress myself, I think I have found a new calling in the mean time, which is invading bookish listicles and inserting my favorite titles in there. I came, I saw, I commented.

What about you guys? Do you also love reading lists of books? Where do you go looking for bookish listicles? Do you also comment the titles of your favorite books in listicles? And go share with me your book pimping stlyes and ways, please.

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