Love at First Spark: Ines Bautista-Yao (Author Interview)

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Welcome and step right up to Love at First Spark, a blog event featuring #SparkNA authors! Get a bit intimate and learn more about the awesome people behind your next favorite romance reads. Check out the blog event schedule and the list of participating authors here.

Today, our featured author is none other than Ines Bautista-Yao. She has written a lot of romance books already including her most recent one entitled, "Letters About a Boy", one of the stories from "Promdi Heart", a romance anthology set in different Philippine provinces. But today, she will talk about one of her #SparkNA book babies, "All That Glitters".

Questions and Answers

  1. What is your inspiration in writing “All That Glitters”?
    I didn't set out to write All That Glitters. I actually wanted to write a mystery entitled Shiny New Things about a girl who noticed that expensive objects began disappearing around her. But when I began outlining it, it didn't work. So I thought back to the days when I used to work in public relations and realized I could use what I knew and turn it into a story. 

  2. How is your writing process like? Do you have any quirks in your writing process?
    This was the first time I wrote with an outline. I had never written using an outline before and because we were required to submit one during the SparkNA workshop, I forced myself to do one. It was really hard for me because I'm used to letting the story unravel as I write. I didn't stick to the outline but I realized that it helped me.

    I'm boring. I don't have quirks like putting on a thinking cap or eating a certain kind of food or wearing a particular outfit or scent. I used to be very particular about where I wrote and what I wrote with (nice notebook and nice pen) but now that I'm a mother with hardly any time, I take advantage of the little pockets of time I do have to write. I even wrote this book while waiting at the dentist! 

  3. If you will be given a minute of face to face encounter with any of your book characters, who would you want it to be with and what would you say to him or her?
    I'd love to meet Margarita from Plain Vanilla and ask her to take me on an adventure! I'm sure it will be crazy! 

  4. Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not?
    Yes I do. Maybe not so much love, but spark at first sight, yes. I still remember what it was like when I first met my husband. I noticed him right away and knew there was something significant or about to be significant about him in my life. Even if he was just sitting across from me in the noisy, smelly college caf, eating turon and looking at me funny because I thought his name looked cute written on a brown envelope. Little did I know it was also going to be mine several years later. Haha! Ew. Cheesy. 

  5. Give us your best banat or pick-up line.
    Hahaha! I swear, I didn't read this question before I answered the last one. But here's what I said verbatim: "Marc Yao, is this your name? It's so cute!" Hahahaha!. 

  6. Finally, use “spark” in a sentence.
    When sparks fly, don't fight it.
About Ines

Reading and writing are close to Ines Bautista Yao's heart ever since she was a child. She graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in AB Communication Arts. She has been a teacher at the Assumption College San Lorenzo and the Ateneo de Manila University's English department.

Her debut novel One Crazy Summer was first penned in 2007 when she was pregnant with her first daughter Addie. Being a mother has taken much of Ines' time so she was only able to write 13 pages of her novel. She completed her story in April 2011, while three-year-old Addie was sleeping and inspiration struck her again. Two months later her story was complete. After eight months, her dream of publishing her own book came true. The book was only launched last January 26, 2012, but Ines is already writing her second novel.

Most readers can remember Ines as the former editor-in-chief of K-Zone Magazine and Candy Magazine . At present, Ines is working as an editor of Summit Books. She is also married to photographer Marc Yao, whom she says she consults whenever she's stuck in the middle of a story she's writing.

Find more about Ines: Blog | Twitter |  Facebook | InstagramGoodreads
About All That Glitters

When they have nothing better to do, college students Billie Santiago and Carlos Angeles enjoy imagining what their lives will be like five years into the future. It’s never serious—just a whole lot of teasing and poking fun at each other. Until blindingly handsome, PR professional Iñigo Antonio saunters into the university bookstore where Billie works. All of a sudden, she finds herself face to face with the physical manifestation of the very dream she tells Carlos about.

Captivated by Iñigo’s magnetic personality, Billie is lured into his dazzlingly glamorous world—much to Carlos’s frustration. But as Billie notices Iñigo might not be playing by the rules, Carlos begs her to stay away from him. When Billie doesn’t listen, she realizes too late that she is in over her head and it may take a miracle (or a boy who cares deeply about her) to help get her out of it.

Series: Standalone
Publisher: Spark Books, an imprint of Anvil Publishing
ISBN: 9786214201068
Year Published: 2017 (first published 2016)
Number of Pages: 124
All That Glitters is available at National Book Store and Powerbooks branches or order online here: Amazon | Anvil Online
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