Love at First Spark: Book Blog Event Launch Post

Photo Credit: Dan Whale/Unsplash

How are you all doing book wanderers? It’s dreadfully hot nowadays where I am from. The sun is glaring angrier than ever to us people in the tropics. Summer is here and the heat is on, what are your plans for the sunny days ahead? Whether you are thinking of chilling it out on a beach or arranging for a family vacation and/or reunion in your home town, I am inviting you for the whole month of April to join me in a blog event I am hosting, dubbed as “Love at First Spark”, featuring 2017 #SparkNA authors. 

If you have recently visited this book blog, I recapped my bookish adventures here during National Book Store’s Group Book Launch of 2017 #SparkNA books last February 18. During the event, I was able to meet some of the awesome Filipino authors behind the latest sizzling romance reads to hit our local book stores. It was my first time to attend a #romanceclass event and I was instantly smitten by the warmth of this reading community. It was a great experience but with my addictive personality kicking and all, I know I needed more, so I decided to ask the authors for an interview so they may share all the fantastic things about their books.

Exciting, right?! Check the list of the participating authors below with their schedules so you may never miss a post for this blog event.
  • April 1: Ava Feliz (The Problem With Being Laura) --- read the interview here
  • April 2: Carla de Guzman (Midnights in Bali) --- read the interview here
  • April 8: Ines Bautista-Yao (All That Glitters) --- read the interview here
  • April 9: Clare Elisabeth Marquez (Simply Joie) --- read the interview here
  • April 15: Brigitte Bautista (Don’t Tell My Mother) --- read the interview here
  • April 16: C.P. Santi (Bucket List to Love) --- read the interview here
  • April 22: Katt Briones (Chasing Mr. Prefect) --- read the interview here
  • April 23: Six de los Reyes (Sounds Like Summer) --- read the interview here
  • April 29: Farrah F. Polestico (First to Fall) --- read the interview here
  • April 30: Chi Yu Rodriguez (The Art of Shifting Gears) --- read the interview here

There you go, please do come visit again on the designated interview dates. I can’t wait to share the adorable and swoony answers that I got. And a huge heartfelt THANKS to all the participating 2017 #SparkNA authors for gracing my humble book blog.

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