2017 Book Blogging Resolutions

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YES, WHY HELLO a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of  you my fellow book wanderers! I can sense those dagger stares from some of you right now, “What is this woman wishing us happy new year for when January is almost over?” So I am cleverly coinciding this long overdue post with the Lunar New Year so it’s still new year though lunar. I hope I am making sense here. Anyway I revisited my 2016 book blogging resolution post to check on how I fared on my previous year’s bookish endeavors. Fair warning: prepare to be extremely disappointed. And then I am also setting my 2017 goals because no matter how hopeless it is to find time to do it all, just keep on trying, right? So here goes:

    2016 Goal #1: Read more books. I set my Goodreads reading challenge to 40 books.
    How did I fare? Abysmal. I’d rather not talk lengthily about this.
    2017 Goal #1: Read as much as I can but no pressure on number of books to finish. So yes, I did not set up my 2017 Goodreads reading challenge.

    Yep. Yikes!

    2016 Goal #2: Do discussion posts.
    How did I fare? Zero thought-provoking posts contributed to the reading community. *cringe*
    2017 Goal #2: I realized that I do not possess enough courage yet to put my ideas out here for all the internet people to see, judge and attack. But yes, I am working on my nerves and would still very much like to write something other than just book reviews. 

    2016 Goal #3: Be organized. Schedule posts, blog hopping and commenting.
    How did I do? I made my own spreadsheet but I was not able to follow my schedule so I felt miserable and inadequate.
    2017 Goal #3: Be not organized? I mean, I think that scheduling things is not my thing. It’s taking away all the fun of book blogging for me. So I will just use my free time reading and blogging and not berating myself for not making a schedule like other proper book bloggers out there.

    2016 Goal #4: Expand my reading horizon.
    How did I do? My goal is not to stick with just YA titles so I did kind of okay with this one. I’ve read/started some classic titles that I’m dreading to read. I’ve finished To Kill a Mockingbird last year! I’ve also started Sophie’s World and still struggling to finish it for months now. For adult titles, I’ve finished Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.
    2017 Goal #4: Keep it up!

So as we can see clearly, I set goals in 2016 that I did not quite achieve so I am setting a fairly low (and vague) expectation on myself this year. For 2017, my battlecry is that I’m gonna freestyle the shizz out of this book blogging thing. I have to admit that I almost did not want to do this post because it will remind me how out of control my 2016 was. Truth is, I am a bit resentful with myself because of this, but 2016 is way behind us now. All hope is not lost. What matters to me at the moment is that Rurouni Jenni Reads is still alive and with a bit of luck and a lot of hardwork, it will continue to improve as time goes by. Hello 2017, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us all!!!

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