Book Spine Poem #1

I know I haven't been posting on the blog lately but today I am struck with great inspiration to try book spine poetry for the very first time. I am not a first class poet and my photography skills are very amateur but I hope the message of the poem connects to you, my fellow book wanderers! Here it is, have a look.

Basically, it's about how hard it is to deal with the ennui of daily life so it's very important to not lose our sense of wonder. Being in awe is one of the best feelings. It makes us feel flowing, moving and more alive. We have our different ways of getting over that slump: getting a cool tattoo, listening to music, shopping for new things, travelling to unfamiliar places and (this for me is the best way) discovering stories and ideas in books. So go on, do your own thing. As for me, you may find me going over the shelves and touching book spines on my favorite bookstore.

Hey, share with me your thing! Or show me a link of your own book spine poem. Hit me in the comments.

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